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Strengthen the ego and the community

The experiential education has above all one goal: to increase self-esteem and to develop a positive sense of self-worthiness. The programme is accompanied by trained staff. Personality development, social competence, problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate are trained and promoted in various games and exercises.


At the beginning of the programme, there is a briefing that prepares for and explains the activities both in terms of content and safety. Individual and group goals are formulated and noted for discussion at the end. The core of the programme is the adventure activities. These include, for example:

  • Steamer in the fog
  • The transport ring

The programme lasts approximately one to two hours depending on the group size. The price per person is €8.00 in addition to the park admission.


Please use one of the forms below to register. Please send the completed form to us by fax or mail no later than five business days before your visit. After receipt of the booking, you will receive a confirmation. You can pay on the day of the visit at the cash desk, preferably by EC card, and also in cash. For schools: Don’t forget your school stamp!

Registration form for mixed groups

Registration form for school and kindergarten groups