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Our group offers

For children and youth groups as well as school classes, we offer diverse and educational offers (School Class Brochure 2019/20). The focus is always laid on fun.

In exploratory tours, you can deepen a specific topic and test your knowledge using small examinations. In the interactive exhibition „Our Place in Space“ the fascinating but also complex themes of astronomy and cosmology are explained in a clear way and made tangible. Experiential pedagogy serves to strengthen individuals, as well as groups or classes.



The Discovery Tours

Discovery Tour 1

  • Topic: „Our Planet Earth“ – Nature and the Elements
  • from 12 years or 6th grade

Discovery Tour 2

  • Topic: „Optical Phenomena“ – Mirrors and Perception
  • from 8 years or 2nd class

Discovery Tour 3

  • Topic „Can I Trust my Senses?“ – Optical Illusions
  • from 8 years or 2nd class


Experiential Education

Strengthening the ego and the community

  • in a team, conflicts are solved playfully. Team spirit, communication, and motivation are promoted through shared experiences and successes.
  • the games can be individually selected or put together by us for your group.
  • individual number of participants, depending on group size
  • from 12 years or 6th grade


Our Place in Space

Space Exhibition

  • Exhibition on Astronomy and Cosmology
  • individual number of participants, depending on group size
  • from 12 years or 6th grade



at the eGo-Kart track Sensadrom

  • Strengthening each individual in a group
  • duration of a cart ride about 8 minutes
  • maximum 10 people at a time
  • from 8 years of age and 1.45 metres tall


Please use one of the forms below to register. Please send the completed form to us by fax or mail no later than 10 business days before your visit. After receipt of the booking, you will receive a confirmation. You can pay on the day of the visit at the cash desk, preferably by EC card, and also in cash. For schools: Don’t forget your school stamp!

Registration form for mixed groups

Registration form for school and kindergarten groups